Daphnée Kwong Waye
The Mad Artist
I create art, therefore I am.

The Mad Artist

I create art, therefore I am.


About Me

Since I was able to hold a brush, I fell in love with painting and drawing, but it is only now, at almost 18, that I'm thinking of considering art seriously.

I draw, colour and paint only for fun; I did storyboards when I was 14. I am usually very addicted to sketching, anything and anywhere.

Unfortunately I didn't enjoy art at school, thus I did not take any art classes or participated in any events or examinations. I am only currently doing art courses in a private institution, for fun and because I have finally decided to know more about visual arts, practice different techniques, interact with other artists.

I'm still learning :)


I'm Daphnée Kwong Waye, yet I am also known as An Evil Nymph or DaphYin, and sometimes D. Judy.
Why so many names? I'm not only an aspiring artist, but also an aspiring writer, a makeup artist and a blogger. To those who recognise me, Hi!


I'm currently at the Queen Elizabeth College, doing my last year, and following the Cambridge International Examinations syllabus.
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